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What is InnerTube?

Share your TV and Movie files across your home network with Innertube, a browser based video library for your home network. With it you can watch your TV shows and movies from any computer in your house. InnerTube keeps track of the videos you have watched so that you do not have to find your place later. It is very portable and can be easily installed to a pen drive or external hard drive. This allows you to simply plug your storage device into any computer, start InnerTube, and begin serving your videos file immediately.

InnerTube is a combination of MicroApache, the DivX Web Player and the InnerTube PHP script. It runs a small Apache server with PHP from your computer allowing you to browse video files inside the InnerTube directory. Note that InnerTube's programming was made with home networks in mind and is not secure against malicious users. In other words, it is fine to use on your Home Network, just do not put InnerTube on a public server.

What do I need?

How do I install InnerTube?

  1. Install the DivX Player on all machines you wish to view InnerTube on.
  2. Unzip the InnerTube archive to the desired location.
  3. Copy your video files to the InnerTube directory.
  4. Run the InnerTube.bat file which you will find inside the "InnerTube Server" folder.

Thats it! All you need to do now is point your browser to your IP address, then :8080 (eg: If you would like a more indepth explanation, see the installation guide.